Know about concentration

How concentration effects our daily lives. Whenever it comes to concentration, i can hardly concentrate for 20-30 minutes. In any task like reading books, writing or any project and after continuosly working for half an  hour, i feel very exhausted like i need se rest.  I feel so distracted by own thoughts while doing any work. Do you feel the same.??? The reason why we are unable to focus properly is ADHA(Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder). You may have many questions like is it a problem.?? What are symptoms of this.?? Let's know what is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). As, we know how important is this to grow in life and adept all the skills we required in our field, specially in this fastest growing era.  In short, we can say if there is problem in concentration, not able to do your work properly, impulsive behaviour etc. We can imagine this how problematic it would be in this time where anyone is running so fast and we are dealing with this issue. Wha

Know about your personality

Cluster C Personality  Do you feel very anxious, sad and want to be pampered most of the time in your life.?? And feel very low self-esteem or want everything so perfect and have complaints from world. So many things, so many reasons, why we are like this? Is it illness.?? Or is it only with me..??  So many questions like this must be in your mind. First thing, i would like to say it is okay.  Everyone has a kind of personality and faces effect of that personality. Everyone has some traits of different personalities that is the reason why do we react differently in different situations. So, you must be confused what i am talking about what kind of personality and may be you know about it.  As, I have already discussed it. Personality disorder is the way how do you think, how do you express yourself, how do you do any work which is based upon your inner experience. This includes in your behaviour like how do you react in your life whenever any problem comes into your life. This is about

Cluster B Personality disorder

Cluster B Personality disorder Everyone of us hold a personality which is slightly different from other Personalities. Yes, there may be some common characteristics among the people around you. Simply it is that you may have similar nature like your siblings or your parents. Sometimes, it happen because of genetics you inherited some trait from your parents, but if we see it overall you are a different personality. According to study they divide personality into 10 personality disorder but clustered them into 3 clusters. As, we discussed it earlier there are 3 clusters which are as follows. Cluster A Cluster B Cluster C Some people named them as weird, wild and worried and few people named them as mad, bad and sad just to remind it easily and because of their characteristics they got these names. Many people think it is a illness but  i would say it is not a illness because there is nothing wrong or imbalance in your mind. It is just a personality but if it is interfering in your perso

Personality disorder

 Personality disorder In our daily life, we meet different kind of personalities some of them are really amazing like we feel yeah.! I want to be like her or him and some of them are like, all we want from them is to just stay away from us and there is a one more personality, we just couldn't categories them as good or bad they are just weird and there can be many more personalities. Everyone has a different personality which they inherited from their parents, friends or the environment surrounding them.  Is personality disorder mental illness.?? I would say No..!!! It is not an illness. Because in illness there is change in chemical or chemical disruption in mind which needs to be diagnose. Personality disorder is not illness but if it exceeds its limits and effecting your life so much like your relationship and career then you must be very careful. What is personality disorder.? According to their inner experience which they experienced in their life and from behavior of other pe

Emotional Eating

  Emotional eating  Let's know about emotional eating. It may sound like hnn is it a problem.?? But yes, it is not a problem for short term but it can become a problem for long term. We take food for nourishment and energy levels but what overeating does.??? Is it harmful for us.?? We will figure it out.   what is real hunger..? If we are really starving then we don't want any specific kind of food. We take whatever is available to us at that time. We don't make choices there and that food even becomes tasty for us. We just get excited for food. Its only one thing that just runs at that time is only food. Emotional eating  In emotional eating, we connect food to our emotions and be become  more specific that   i want to eat that only and this happens when we are in bad mood kind of stress, tension or any negative feelings and to cover up that we just overeat and there are also consequences of that.  Why do we connect our emotions to food..?? Generally, we see this while we

What antidepressants do.??

What antidepressants do... There are so many myths and fears about antidepressants . If any person is suffering through depression he faces many difficulties still he afraid to take medicine because he doesn't have proper knowledge of the side effects and actually what it does to your body. People afraid from medicines and counseling for psychiatrist.  I want to tell about both of them. These both are not against of each other. They both work for same thing. It depends on person. When someone is comfortable in counseling and symptoms are not severe then counseling works. In some counseling person starts to feel good but it also take some time. It may be more beneficial with person  who shares his problems. Sometimes person gets so much afraid of being getting judged that he doesn't tell anybody while he wants to share but with psychiatrist he feels more comfortable. Lets know about why depression happen?? There are 2 reasons why it happens. Because there is deficiency of some h

Bipolar disorder

  What is bipolar depression?? Talking about depression is still a taboo in our society. No one wants to talk openly about it. We don't consider it as a illnesses while it's very serious mental problem.we can't see depression but this doesn't mean its nothing. Depressed person goes through a lot. So lets lets about Uni polar and Bipolar depression. #Uni polar depression In this condition person have low self esteem, no self confidence, anxiety, sleep disturbance, withdrawal from people, do not want to talk anybody, do not want to do any kind of activity, lost interest in hobbies, avoid doing office work, not interested in his duties, stay away from relationship, irritability, sadness , grief, weight loss and many more. #Bipolar depression   We can categorize it in 3 parts in which a person stays. These 3 phases are 1.Mania   2.  Normalcy   3. Depression Like it can be possible that one person may go in mania then after sometime in Normalcy state then in depression that